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Daniele Papuli - Cartoframma (2011) - 10,380 strips of hand-cut paper


Artist Alvaro Ilizarbe  ”IN-BETWEEN” [VIDEO]

Narwhal Art Projects presents IN-BETWEEN a solo exhibition by Alvaro Ilizarbe / Freegums. For this show Alvaro is exploring space, patterns, and the energy that lies in-between. He has painted black and white patterns on amorphous wooden pieces which hang on an identically patterned wallpaper. The wood paintings’ swirling lines blend seamlessly into the background, becoming one. Contrasting line work creates a visual vibration and a tension within the space. Through this, Alvaro is revealing the awareness of spatial energy that lies between oneself and the object.


Trash Monsters by Nomerz

Painting architecture with graffiti and decorating it with discarded items, Nomerz has imbued life into cold stone and commanded them to consume any helpless photogs or curious bystanders. A closer detail on his top creation: “Glutton” reveals a car bumper, plastic bottles, and even an old shoe for the toofs:

Artist: livejournal (via: colossal)


Immaculate Comic Book Idols by Igor Scalisi Palminteri

Using statues of saints he purchased in Palermo, Igor applied a coat of paint, cloth capes, rubber masks, and holy righteousness to create the true saints of our era: superheroes! Invoking the same reverence through stories passed down for decades, who’s to say comic book heroes dont bear the same spiritual power as saints, passed down to us by some form of higher creative force? They are gods we created in our own image, but with the ability to inspire and protect us. Comic book heroes are the saints we deserve.

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Gilded Beasts by Jessica Joslin

Sometimes I wish I could recreate my childhood pets, all the cats and gerbils I ever owned, the Chupacabra I lovingly named Mortimer and the Manticore with the face of Sean Connery. Jessica must have felt the same yearnings as me, prompting her to assemble these fantastical hybrid creatures from spare junk parts and findings. You can check out her gallery with tons more over at her website: jessicajoslin.

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Brian Dettmer - There’s Nothing to Fear, 2011 - paperback books, acrylic medium


Gremlins, BTTF & Ghostbusters by Andy Fox

Prints available at Society6.

Artist: website / facebook (via: xombiedirge)

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Corrugated Cardboard Art by Mark Langan

Doing commercial work as well as personal, Mark follows ancient Native American teachings by utilizing every part of the cardboard in his art, no surface, corner, edge, or shredded bit goes unused in his visually uncanny cardboard art (hey, is that Will Farrell as Uncle Sam?).

Artist: website (via: visualnews / buzzfeed)


Sunset Silhouettes by Irving Lubis / Pink Sword

The setting of the sun evokes a wide barrage of emotions, from quiet contemplation to fanciful love, and bitter vengeance. Lubis captures all of these amidst the backdrop of one of the few constants in life: despite what ever happened to you during the day be it victory, heartache, or despair… the sun will still set.

Artist: website (via: trendhunter / mymodernmet)


Stemapunk Metal Dragon by Kreatworks

Dragons are badass. Science proves this. But you know what else is badass? Metal. Preferably the scrap variety that’s all jagged and filthy and possibly teeming with viruses… kind of like a dragon! Level up your dragon-slaying subset by purchasing this badass at etsy for only $11,500 USD. Hey, you’ve been looting dungeons right? That’s pocket change once you sell everything off at the nearby village.

Artists: website / deviantart